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Posterior Wall Mesh Patient Stories

Acute Vaginal Pain from Posterior Vaginal Wall Mesh

A 40-year-old patient started to experience vaginal pain as a result of sexual intercourse following rectocele repair with a Gynemesh vaginal mesh.

Chronic Abscess, Infection & Pus Drainage from Buttock Cheek after Posterior Vaginal Mesh Surgery

A 53-year-old patient developed a persistent sinus tract from her right buttock cheek with draining pus and multiple abscesses following Apogee surgery to treat rectocele, enterocele, and vault prolapse.

Chronic vaginal pain, painful sexual intercourse & pain upon sitting with anterior and posterior wall mesh

A 50-year-old Canadian patient experienced chronic vaginal pain, inability to have intercourse, pain sitting down, and shooting knifelike pain following Anterior and Posterior wall mesh surgery.

Mesh Extrusion with Chronic Vaginal Discharge & Bleeding. Painful Intercourse & Pain when sitting following Posterior Vaginal Wall Mesh

A 67-year-old patient experienced chronic vaginal discharge and bleeding as well as pain with intercourse folling a posterior vaginal wall mesh procedure.

Vaginal Pain, Painful Sex, Lower Back Pain, Mesh Extrusion, & Difficulty Evacuating Bowels following a Mesh Repair with Sacrospinus Ligament Fixation

A 40-year-old patient experienced several side effects after a surgeon used mesh to reinforce a retocele repair but then sutured the deepest part of the mesh to the sacrospinous ligaments on each side of the vagina.

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Call Now for a Confidential Consultation with Susie • Atlanta: (770) 475-4499 • Beverly Hills: (310) 776-7588

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