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Testimonials for Mesh Complication Surgeons Miklos and Moore

'Dr. Miklos, God has truly blessed you with a GIFT!'

Dr. Miklos, I just want to thank you for all you did for me. Over the last 5 years I have been from Doctor to Doctor with no relief and it wasn't until I met you I realized there are doctors with compassion. You are truely a Wonderful Doctor and have made such a difference in my life. I am looking forward to the end of 12 weeks so I can get the rest of my life back to normal. I also want to thank your wonderful staff that went out of their way to be so kind to me. Thanks again for everything. God has truly blessed you with a GIFT.

P.W., Indiana

'When I left my appointment, I told myself, “I’m going to be all right”. I really felt that after meeting with Dr. Miklos.'

Procedures: Sling Revision, Vaginal Mesh Removal, Rectovaginal Fistula Repair

For 2 years I was in severe pain.  At first I didn’t know if it was just my body taking longer to heal from the surgery (when my bladder sling was put in) or if it was something more than that.  The pain was so severe that intercourse was…NO WAY (and I have been married for 31 years, thank goodness for my amazing husband).

Finally, the pain motivated me to go back to my original doctor, as I “just didn’t feel right.”  My original doctor was very vague and did not want to blame my problems on the mesh or my surgery.   I finally turned to the internet to see if anyone else out there were having problems.   As I kept searching, I noticed that Dr. Miklos’ website was listed on every page related to mesh and complications.  I decided to give them a call. 

From the moment I made that initial call, I felt like I contacted the right doctor to help me.  During my initial consultation I was so emotional and Dr. Miklos was so patient with me.  Dr. Miklos spent at least an hour with me (where my original doctors didn’t spend more than 10 minutes with me).  He identified the problem and then he continued my consultation by explaining everything that was going on with my body and why I was in so much pain.  He went into great detail and showed me with diagrams, how he was going to help me. (The contrast between my original doctor and Dr. Miklos was night and day). 

When I left my appointment, I told myself, “I’m going to be all right”.  I really felt that after meeting with Dr. Miklos. 

The surgery ended up being more extensive than we originally thought, but Dr. Miklos made some great professional judgments and was able to fix my rectovaginal fistula and also remove almost all of my mesh.  The next day, Dr. Miklos came to visit me in my room and was so pleasant.  He has a great bedside manner. 

Now 6 months after my surgery, I feel amazing.  What a difference.  Surgery is not fun and the pain of having surgery was rough, but I will say this, you never want to have to endure that much pain more than once…choose the right surgeon the 1st time.  Dr. Miklos is the RIGHT surgeon and I am so happy I found him.  I would strongly recommend anyone having pain or complications with mesh to come see Dr. Miklos, even if you live out of state or across the country, make the trip…it’s worth it! 

Thank you Dr. Miklos and your amazing staff for changing my life!

Canton, GA

'Dr. Moore, I wanted you to know that you saved my life.'

Dr. Moore, I wanted you to know that you saved my life, I feel so much better now after surgery. I can already see the difference 3 weeks post-operative. Thank you!

K.P., Atlanta, GA

'I believe Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are more than likely the best in the country.'

I believe Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are more than likely the best in the country. Thank you so very much. I just wanted to share the great experience I had. I have finally found a doctor who knows EVERYTHING!! I want to have this surgery.

V.M., California

'Thank you for all your awesome care. I am doing great.'

G.M., Omaha, NE

'[T]hanks to your skill and care I have come a long way in the last six months.'

I wanted to write a Thank you - I have reached the sixth month from getting a new lease on life - thanks to your skill and care I have come a long way in the last six months. It is great that you have dedicated your life to a profession that you can make a difference for so many. Thanks again for your expertise and care!

I sometimes wonder how I was able to find myself under your care - it was a miracle that things happened as they did. Thanks to your care the fact that I turned 65 on 11-11-2011 was a great day - the only way I know I am this age is when I look in a mirror. I still tell everyone what you did for us - my husband had to keep me in my seat on our last flight when I found your picture in the Delta Sky magazine. Congratulations!

B.S., Georgia

'Dr. Moore is Marvelous!'

Dr. Moore is Marvelous!

Before my surgery I had pain with sitting, going to the restroom was impossible and having intercourse made my pain worse. I was referred by another doctor that said the BEST person to remove this mesh is Dr. Robert Moore. That same doctor said that he could “try”, but Dr. Moore is the best.

After surgery (2 months later), I have no more pain! Sitting and using the restroom is pain free!! I feel like myself again. Dr. Moore and his staff were very nice and professional and I want to Thank Dr. Moore for helping me!

L.D., Atlanta, GA

'I wish we were closer, I would stand on the street corners and advertise for him (Dr. Miklos).'

First of all, I have referred at least two people to Dr. Miklos since my surgery due to the care I received from the staff. I don't have the same pain that I had prior to the removal of the mesh. I wish we were closer, I would stand on the street corners and advertise for him.

I, too, thought I was the only one going through the pain and discomfort. I had been to the surgeon that placed the mesh and he told me it was scar tissue but before he would address that he wanted me to get a complete physical and a colonoscopy. I saw my urogynocologist and when he did his exam and touched an extremely painful area, he said "I think that it's your mesh" however he never, offered to address it or suggest what I should do to relieve my pain and dicomfort. Finally, I stumbled upon Dr.Miklos and Moore's site. The pain had gotten so severe it was impacting my ability to do my job, as I am required to travel frequently. Sitting in the car for more than an hour cause unbearable pain. I couldn't get comfortable in any position and the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night. I had swelling in my genital area, that made everything painful. My relationship with my husband suffered. After the surgery life is so much better. I actually have pain free days. My husband and I again share intimate moments without agonizing pain. THANK YOU DR. MIKLOS!!!!!

T.N., Illinois

'The surgery was successful, I’m doing so much better.'

The surgery was successful, I’m doing so much better. Of course I’ll never be 100%, but I count it a huge success. Almost immediately there was 10 pounds of inflammation loss and swelling. My ability to get up and down without pulling internally, as well as get up out of chairs without assistance. There’s some pain associated with the breakdown of the scarring, but I think the recovery process shall continue.

You and your staff have a hard job, and you do it with grace and dignity, and that’s what matters so much to patients, as well as your surgical skils.

V.B., Little Rock, AR

'Dr. Miklos is a GREAT doctor. I am so glad that I found him.'

Dr. Miklos is a GREAT doctor. I am so glad that I found him. Everyone in your office was wonderful and really professional. The staff is always willing to help when ever I had a question.

C.L.W., Little Rock, AR

'Thank you (Dr. Miklos) for being such a caring and concerned doctor.'

Thank you so much for fixing me, for the first time in years I feel that I am regaining my life back. My husband keeps a good eye on me and comments on my weekly improvements. I am actually happy and not in pain all the time, a real miracle.

Again, my husband and I both want to Thank-You for being such a caring and concerned doctor. It is wonderful that I don’t have to sit on the sidelines of life and not to be in constant pain. Thank you again.

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy43.php

N.T., Leesburg, VA

'Thank you so much Dr. Miklos and to your wonderful medical team, for the support they give women in need.'

Wow! I was reviewing my records and was amazed again at the expertise and the quality of care that I received. It was wonderful, truly amazing that it exists, and even more miraculous and amazing that I was able to receive that expertise and care. Thank you so much Dr. Miklos! I will continue to walk everyday and hopefully, be able to go up those small 'hills' again! My thanks, again, to your wonderful medical team, for the support they give to women in need.

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy40.php

M.L.., Chico, CA

'I am in awe at what you do for women and how you give us our lives back.'

Dr. Miklos ~ First of all I want to say thank you for removing my sling back on March 6th and for all the care before and after. I am in awe to be honest at what you do for women and how you give us our lives back. Just saying "thank you" does not feel like it is enough. My recovery has not been fun but I know I'm on my way. I still have discomfort and pain but that suicidal pain is gone. I can touch the floor with both feet firmly planted on the ground - a task that was so painful and impossible before. That was my first thought when I took my first walk. Thank you…Thank you!

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy48.php

S.A., Ontario, Canada

'I Feel Great! Dr. Moore is so wonderful and comforting.'

In 2004 I had a sling inserted and immediately had discomfort and issues. From 2004 to 2006, I had 11 surgeries in all where the doctor was only removing the infected mesh. I lived with the pain for 4 years because I was nervous to have anything else done. When it became unbearable, I started to do extensive research on the internet and came across Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos' website. I read all the testimonials and after seeing Dr. Moore in the Delta Sky Magazine (after all my research on him), I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to do my surgery. Now 6 weeks after surgery, I FEEL GREAT!!! Dr. Moore is SO wonderful and comforting. He listened to my concerns and reassured me.

S.S., GA

'I am writing this story to help other women that have suffered with vaginal mesh complications. For those of you that might not know where to go, who to see, or who to trust. Please read my story and take my advice. I have been where you are right now.'

I had suffered for three years with symptoms such as pain in my lower abdomen, yellow/green discharge (sometimes bloody), pain during and after intercourse (dyspareunia), muscular and nerve damage, groin pain, buttock pain, lower back pain, constant vaginal infections, 2 mesh erosions, the inability to sit for long periods, continual vaginal infections.

Read the rest of the testimonial here.

'I was told many times thorough the years to see Dr. Miklos, but didn’t go because of my insurance. I went to doctors who were in my plan, but no one could tell me why I was feeling the way I did, until I went to Dr. Miklos.'

Procedure: Laparoscopic Enterolysis, Laparoscopic Mesh / Graft Removal

I wanted to share my story with all the women who are going through or have gone through what I am.

Back in 1999 I had to under go a hysterectomy and later that year I had to have some bladder work done. I was under the care of Dr. Miklos and my gyn. They took very good care of me and have always thought highly of Dr. Miklos. Through the years I've experienced problems, such as painful intercourse, unexplained vaginal bleeding and abscesses. I didn't go back to Dr. Miklos cause my insurance had changed through the years and went to Doctors who were in my plan. Through the years no one could tell me why I was feeling the way I did, nor did I ever know about the problems caused by mesh used in my 1999 and 2000 surgeries.

In 2002 I had mesh slings removed from my bladder and urethra. The doctors at Emory hospital never told me about the complications of the mesh, only that I needed surgery to drain an abscess at the base of my vagina and to remove corroded mesh in my urethra and bladder. The surgery helped my current condition but never helped my chronic. Painful intercourse and unexplained bleeding. Severe vaginal pain that just came out of nowhere. Best described would be to call it a vaginal charlie horse.

The lack of my sex drive due to how painful sex was becoming led me to doctor after doctor with no answers and no relief. All said it was pre menopause or the lack of time I had with work and kids. These problems were a part of my failing marriage. Unfortunately 2 yrs ago my divorce became final. I have not been sexually active in 3 yrs and it seemed to help all that bothered me until May of this year. I just wasn't feeling well, pain in my vagina started, bleeding all day and night. I am not one to call out from work and just pushed myself through this. Being a single mother, I did not want to show my weakness to my kids or my job. The bleeding became heavier and just not feeling right I went to my gynecologist and by no surprise told me “I don't see anything wrong.” But, since my pap smear was bloody he sent me for an MRI, which came back negative. However, the pain was becoming more severe till one day while at work something burst. Yes it was instant pain relief but scary. The discharge at first was very smelly and brown. I thought to myself its an abscess like I've had before. So he sent me to a rectal and colon doctor thinking I had a fistula. Colon doctor order another MRI but more extensive. Insurance company fought him on the necessity of it. This doctor fought for me and I received approval in 48 hrs. 1 hr after taking the MRI my doctor called me and said I had to come in right away. He explained to me about the damage I've already been exposed too, due to massive abscesses throughout my vagina, my deformity and the recall of the mesh that was used to repair my vagina back in 1999. He wanted me to go back to Dr. Miklos but I explained to him that wasn't an option cause he was not on my plan and thousands of dollars spent to this point in finding out what was wrong with me was just not an option. So he sent me to a new gynecologist, who was the sweetest man I have ever met who took the time to listen to me and all I've been through. He then sent me to an oncologist, not because I had cancer, but I was in need of his care and for reconstruction. I was beyond a gynecologist at this time.  This doctor knew Dr. Miklos and asked why haven't you called him. I explained and he said let me talk to him. Dr. Miklos not only agreed to see me but also took great care of me. He explained what was happening and worked with me to have a surgery I desperately needed. By this time I had been out of work for 6 wks with and had been in the hospital for 10 days for a severe infection due to continuing abscesses bursting. I was out of work a total of 2.5 months and I am still recovering from surgery.

Dr. Mitchell has now taken over my care and she truly understands me as a person and what I am going through. I no longer feel crazy. I am healing, and though I may never make it back to what I use to do prior to my illness I am not the one who will ever give up trying. Thank you Dr. Miklos and Dr. Mitchell and your wonderful caring staff.

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy28.php

Marietta, GA

'I am 100% healed and satisfied.'

Procedure: Laparoscopic Sacral Colpopexy, Laparoscopic Paravaginal Repair, Posterior Repair, Sling Revision

I am 100% healed and satisfied. The pain I had before surgery is now gone and I feel great.

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy34.php

'My gynecologist said the only doctors that could fix me were Miklos and Moore.'

Procedure: Sacral Colpopexy, Laparoscopic Mesh / Graft Removal, TVT Sling, Vaginal Mesh Removal

It's a MIRACLE! I feel so good. I have so much more energy now. I want to go do things where before I wanted to stay home because I had to wear those bulky pads. My clothes didn't fit right and I was just uncomfortable. For a while my doctor told me the only doctors that could fix me are Miklos and Moore. I would then leave his office and put calling Dr. Miklos and Moore on the back burner. Finally I was tired of suffering. I went back to my doctor and he mentioned me calling Dr. Miklos and Moore again. I then started doing research on the internet and decided to fill out a contact us form. Next thing I knew I received a personal response from Dr. Moore and I then knew I had to make an appointment to come see him. I then scheduled my surgery and while I was in surgery they discovered more that needed to be done to fix me and thank goodness for Dr. Moore and Miklos. They took good care of me and I now have my quality of life back. I feel great!!

B.S., GA

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy26.php

'Dr. Moore, I feel lucky to have found you.'

Procedure: Vaginal Anterior and Posterior Mesh Removal, Levatorplasty Muscle Release

Dear Dr. Moore, I wanted to put a Thank You card in the mail to let you know how much I appreciate everything you were able to accomplish for me in surgery! And that I think you're AMAZING!! I will continue to work towards and hope for complete recovery and success on this end. And to your staff and assistants in surgery, my gratitude also. Your skills were definitely seen in the reportand I'm so thankful I chose to come to Georgia. I feel lucky to have found you!! Amazing things can happen...

S.S., AZ

Testimonials for Mesh Complication Surgeons Miklos and Moore

'The sensation and pain from the mesh is gone.'

Procedure: Sacral Colpopexy Mesh Removal (Gynemesh Graft Removal)

'She said if she could, she would hug Dr. Miklos.  Her body is at peace again.  The sensation and pain from the mesh is gone.  She wants to personally Thank Dr. Miklos for his patience and hard work and for taking his time to fix her.'

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy37.php

'Dr. Moore saved my life.'

Procedure: Mesh Removal

Dr. Moore saved my life.

I had my original surgery a few years ago for prolapse and incontinence. After my surgery, I started having symptoms and complications that seem to only get worse with time. I had chronic back pain that for days would put me down. I suffered from recurrent bladder infections and kidney infections that would cause a fever of 104. I went to so many doctors that could not diagnose my pain. Had MRI's done to look at my back and nothing was found. Even my gynecologist that inserted my original mesh said it was not the mesh causing my problems. But after 2 years, I said enough was enough. I started to Google recurring bladder infections and Dr. Miklos and Moore's website was the first to come up. I clicked on their mesh complication website and started to read the different case studies and patient testimonials. I realized then that I was not alone, that my symptoms were similar to the ladies that shared their stories. I immediately called Atlanta Urogynecology Associates and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Moore. On my initial exam Dr. Moore felt the mesh and upon that first touch, the pain started to shoot down my back and into my legs, it was unbearable. It was that moment that I knew it was the mesh and that it needed to come out. Dr. Moore then spent over an hour with me discussing my pain; my many doctor visits and what he felt could be done to help me. I few months later I went to surgery and woke up a new woman. I was shocked; I had no more back pain! Now three months later I can say that I feel like I am 20 years old again. I have my quality of life back, thanks to Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore and his staff were amazing. As a mother of 5 kids, I can tell you that no mother/woman should live like that. If you are suffering from pain from

N.G., MS

'Dr. Miklos and staff... Wow!!'

Procedures: Anterior Repair, Posterior Vaginal Wall Mesh Removal, Posterior Repair, Removal of Mesh

Dr. Miklos and staff, Wow…What a great thing to do! What a generous touch! You made my whole day, and I thank you so much! Thank you for the great job. You're the best and I appreciate you keeping it real. Everyone has been so nice and it's great to know I am in good hands.

J.W., FL

Case study: - http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy21.php

'Thank you, Dr. Moore for being so kind to me.'

Procedures: Prospective Mesh Complication Revision

Just wanted to say that I have spent a great deal of time looking for a doctor that I felt I could trust after having mesh erosions. I found that doctor in Dr. Moore. He was very kind and considerate and understanding and I have no doubt that when I have my surgery to repair/remove he will be the one I want! Thank you Dr. Moore for being so kind to me.

W.G., AL

'I went to 9 different doctors (2 at Johns Hopkins)... Dr. Miklos is a miracle worker.'

Procedures: Posterior vaginal mesh removal, Posterior Repair

Dr. Miklos is a miracle worker. I am now 7 weeks post-op and feeling great!! I had been living in pain for 2 years with no relief in-sight. I went to 9 different doctors (2 at Johns Hopkins), had 10 different exams, 4 surgeries and nothing was done. None of the previous doctors could diagnosis what I had and I was left with no hope. After my kids did a desperate search on the internet, they came across Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore and convinced me I needed to come to Atlanta. Dr. Miklos is a fantastic doctor. He made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in his office. After my exam, he knew exactly what needed to be done to fix my pain. I believed in him. I had no pain after my surgery and I am excited to start my life again. Thank you Dr. Miklos from the bottom of my heart.

D.R., MD

Case Study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy16.php

'It was worth it to travel to Atlanta for surgery.'

Procedures: Vaginal Mesh Extrusion Revision, Paravaginal Repair, TOT Sling

Please click here to read this patient's case study and to hear her story in her video testimonial.

J.D., CO

'I am very grateful to have found someone experienced in surgical removal of TVT.'

Procedures: Laparoscopic Mesh Removal, Paravaginal Repair, Enterolysis, Laparoscopic TVT Sling Revision

'After struggling with mesh complications from my TVT sling placed on 8/23/07, I gave up on finding any relief from the medical community in Utah. I spent a small fortune on chiropracters, shaman, rolfers and other alternative therapies which helped me cope with the pain better.

Eventually the pain and urinary obstruction became more than something I could learn to live with and I needed help. After spending a fortune on specialists, MRI's, ultrasounds, cat scans and urodynamic testing I realized I needed to look elswhere for someone that understands mesh complications and has extensive experience in addressing these issues.

Dr. Miklos performed a laparoscopic removal of my TVT on 11/30/2010 and I am very happy to report that my issues have resolved and I have returned to dancing and my other physical activities that I enjoyed before my original surgery. I can also sit for prolonged periods again. I am very grateful to have found someone experienced in surgical removal of TVT. I am very happy to report that my quality of life is back to where it should be!'

A.G., Salt Lake City, UT

Case study: http://www.meshsurgeons.com/casestudy1.php

'Dr. Moore was extraordinary.'

Procedure: Mesh Removal

'Dr. Moore was extraordinary. He really cares about his patients. When I met Dr. Moore during my consultation, he handed me a research paper that he had written regarding my complication and procedure. I knew then that I wanted to have my surgery done by a Doctor that teaches and educates others and not by a Doctor that is learning from someone like Dr. Moore. Prior to my surgery, I could not even tolerate an exam. Since my surgery, I feel so much better and I am very pleased with my progress. Dr. Moore and everyone at the practice was wonderful, I felt comfortable the moment I stepped into the office.'

A.P. Buford, GA

'Thank you, Dr. Miklos, for giving me my happiness, faith in doctors, and peace of mind back.'

Procedures: Vaginal Mesh Extrusion Revision, Paravaginal Repair, Laparoscopic Enterolysis

Thank you Dr. Miklos, for giving me my happiness, faith in doctors and peace of mind back. Dr. Miklos was the only doctor who would dare touch me after an inexperienced doctor botched my bladder repair. Something simple turned into ANOTHER surgery. Dr. Miklos was fearless and jumped right in because he knew the root of the problem was not address by the first doctor. He never spoke ill of the doctor, but sat me down and explained to me and my husband why I was getting worse instead of better. I am almost one year out from my paravaginal repair and I am great. My marriage is back and so is my happiness. Dr. Mitchell, thank you for always nurturing me during my follow-ups. Thank you to the whole staff at Atlanta Urogynecology. Your practice is A+!

A.W., Douglasville, GA


'Dr. Moore, Thank you for giving me my life back!'

Procedures: Vaginal Mesh Removal, Posterior Repair, Anterior Repair

M.H., Minnesota

'Thank you again (Dr. Miklos) for your attention to detail, innovative ideas, work ethic, and competency.'

Procedures: Laparoscopic and Vaginal Mesh Removal, Paravaginal Repair, Enterolysis, Vaginal Vault Suspension

'I want to thank you again for doing a supurb job on my vaginal re-suspension last year. There aren't words sufficient to describe my gratitude.... I was in terrible pain when my OBGyn said "this is beyond my scope - you need to see a specialist" and gave me your name and number. I called, and your staff immediately made every effort to adjust your schedule so you could see me the next day. They even sent you a text message between your surgeries to communicate my issue. When we met, you spent an hour with us explaining the surgery in detail, the options, the predicted outcome and alternate outcomes and their resolutions. I was clearly in good hands. I scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks later, had excellent pre-op instructions and communication from the staff for insurance options and with pre-approval immediately. After the surgery, I opened my eyes to Dr. Moore, who was incrediblely kind and concerned even about a little piece of glue at the site of my laproscopy.... My post op visits were leisurely - never rushed with Dr. Mitchell and I grew to adore her!

Thank you again for your attention to detail, innovative ideas, work ethic, and competency. I am completely healed, play golf and enjoy other activites with complete confidence once again.'

J.M. Peachtree City, GA


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